The Free People Project

Welcome to, the home of the free people project! At this time, this simple website is an external information portal for the Midtown Freedom Friends club or MTFF, a freedom loving group attempting to navigate the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, as the "Great Reset" is ushered in by the money changers who think they own our world.

The foundational concepts for the Midtown Freedom Friends club can be found and explored through the links below:

The following invitation in the form of a letter, outlines the history of how we got here, and reasons why freedom lovers everywhere should join or start something like the Freedom Friends club in their neighbourhood. (The times to come may very well require high confidence and trustworthy neighbourhood relationships) Better to be prepared early, than one second too late, and beware the lone wolves among us. The Midtown Freedom Friends Invitation to Join Letter

After much deliberation, existing members of the MTFF debated and decided that this simplified Small Group Constitution, Basic Rules and Code of Ethics is the right place to begin our journey together. We will build on this foundation as required.
The Midtown Freedom Friends Constitution as of Dec 2022
Nothing is written in stone and everything is open to group agreed change.

The source documents and ideas that went into the first version of our Small Group Constitution, Basic Rules and Code of Ethics can be found here:
MTFF Constitution-Source-Documents This also gives us a roadmap of sorts as to how we can grow into expanded capabilities as and when needed.

Be well friends,
pray for peace and victory,
Midtown Freedom Friends